The Speedvagen Duffle Set

As we near our 10th Fitting Tour, we're starting to get the hang of this travel thing! For a long time, one of the missing items to make our travel easier were large capacity, utilitarian luggage. Because of that, we reached out to our neighbors down the street, Beckel Canvas, experts in heavy duty canvas tents, to prototype some bags specific for our tour needs.

For the last year we have been testing these bags. They have traveled literally around the world and back, and then some. We have carried gear, clothing, bike parts (both fit bike and actual bike), and anything in-between; they haven't let us down. They have held up to our standards so well, and we love these things so much that we want to offer a them to you.


There are three options: The Long-Hauler duffle, The Weekender duffle, and the Nooner dopp kit. They all share a common theme of Ichico pattern fabric and our signature Army green. Some of the first tour specific items featured our Ichico pattern, and it has even migrated onto our bikes, most recently the 2017 Overt which can be seen in our new Guidebook. If you couldn't tell we are still pretty fond of it. It is only fitting that we used the pattern on these bags, it is bright and vibrant making it super easy to spot the bags as soon as they pop on the luggage carousel. At the same time, the heavy duty canvas and dark base layers help to make dirt and grime from traveling less noticeable. 

The Long-Hauler Duffle, packs the gear and has the most features.

  • Made in Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Heavy duty Army cotton canvas and Ichico canvas.  
  • Skateboard straps on the bottom (one of our main modes of transportation for quick errands) 
  • Metal D-rings so you can strap down some extra odd shaped gear. 
  • Shoulder strap
  • 26 x 13" capacity 
  • Side easy pull handles 
  • Black leather high wear reinforcement areas 
  • Heavy duty zipper
  • Tough as shit

The Weekender Duffle, great for a weekend trip or race day.

  • Made in Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Heavy duty Army cotton canvas and Ichico pattern canvas.  
  • Shoulder strap with metal hardware 
  • 21 x 13" capacity (perfect for a long weekend) 
  • Side easy pull/grab handles 
  • Black leather high wear reinforcement areas 
  • Heavy duty zipper
  • Tough as shit

The Nooner dopp kit, perfect for toiletries or other small essentials.

  • Made in Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Heavy duty Army cotton canvas outer.
  • Ichico sateen inner in white makes your stuff more visible
  • 4 x 6 x 12" capacity (great for kit or other travel essentials) Also works great to separate a smelly kit from your clean clothing. 
  • Metal D-rings all it to be hooked or strapped to other bags. 
  • Heavy duty zipper 
  • Tough as shit

We will be launching these bags soon check back to scoop them up! 

Posted on April 12, 2017 .

Speedvagen Tubing 

Have you ever wanted a more in-depth read about whats beneath the paint on a Speedvagen? Below, founder Sacha White writes about the technical details of our tubing, which gives our bikes that signature look and feel. 


Like all of the rest of our tubes at .5 mm our seatstays are ultralight. But wait, there’s more!

There’s a lot going on in our seatstays. First, the curves: they’re sexy, we admit it, but they’re also curved to soak up shock from the road. Imagine you’re holding a small tree branch in your hands. If it’s straight and you’re pushing on both ends, that branch won’t bend. If it has a little curve (like a bow) in will flex under pressure. The same science applies to the rear end of a Speedvagen. With that flex comes shock absorption, giving the bike a springy liveliness and smoothing out the rough stuff.

If you look at the bike from the side, you’ll notice that the seatstay looks a lot thinner down low. That’s because the stay is squashed in that plane. From the back, that lower portion of the stay looks quite wide. We do this to help the bike resist flex from side to side - part of what helps the Speedvagen put power to the pavé.



Our down tube is ovalized vertically at the headtube to deal with the tremendous force that’s transmitted from the road, through the fork and into the frame. It’s then ovalized horizontally at the bottom bracket to help transfer your pedaling power directly to the rear wheel, instead of flexing the frame. These shapes also allow us to run a thinner tube, making it lighter and giving you a more lively ride.



The top tube is there to resist flex on the front end. Without it, the bike would be super floppy from side to side.

Our top tube is a larger diameter at front end and a larger diameter makes for stiffer, so it does an even better job of resisting the twisting forces on the front of the bike when you’re standing up and hammering. The top tube then tapers to a smaller diameter at the seat tube to give you more suppleness and comfort.


A typical chainstay has a long small diameter taper. A smaller diameter means more flex.

In addition to being 4-6 times stronger than a typical steel, our Chainstay retains a large 24mm diameter nearly all the way back to the rear dropouts. Larger diameter makes for a stiffer tube. This means the power is going directly to the rear wheel and the bike has a sensation of jumping forward when you stomp on the pedals and... you are going faster.



The prime example of our form and function approach to design. We use very light material for the main body of the headtube and reinforce the ends to distribute stresses from the rider and the road. These reinforcements taper out to just the right diameter before meeting the headset, making for a beautiful transition. Each headtube is finished by hand and sized to the perfect length for it’s owner.

All in, this adds an hour or so to the process compared to a standard head tube. With the weight savings and the added sexualisimo, this is one of those details that take a Speedvagen frame to the next level.



Posted on March 29, 2017 .