Classic Speedvagen Utility Shield

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Classic Speedvagen Utility Shield


We like to think back to a time when things were real, they were made by hand and made to last. The Speedvagen Utility Sign draws inspiration from the days when a company's signs and it's adverts were applied with a porcelain enamel to a heavy stamped sheet metal base. These are the kind of signs that you can find in an antique shop now, (70 years later) and they are still gorgeous.

Our Utility sign is laser cut by the same shop who does our dropouts, head badges and other special pieces. The color work is done in 5 stages by our paint shop.

Three color schemes available: 

- Speedvagen's signature Army Green, Red and Pink.
- Kawa Green, Army Green and Vanilla Blue
- Team issue - Gold, Cyan, Vanilla Blue and White.

 "Okay, it's cool and all, but what do I do with it" you ask? You hang it up somewhere (your workshop wall? bedroom ceiling?) and feel the magic. That's what you do with it.


- Laser cut from 1/8" american made hot rolled steel plate
- 8" wide, 10.5" tall
- Mounting holes allow for a 1/4" bolt
- Exact color layout may vary

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