Built to be ridden

The answer to a growing demand for Vanilla's race bikes and the inaccessibility that resulted, Speedvagen is the precise execution of a well-honed design. We've stripped away everything non-essential and innovated with what was left. Unconstrained by tradition and uncompromising in attitude – we go to 11, from fit to finish.

And speaking of the finish, though these bikes do indeed look pretty, they are built to be ridden. Hard. If your Speedvagen isn't racing, attacking, bonking, crashing, being ridden across whatever continent you may live on, if it hasn't been scratched, scuffed, marred and covered in dirt and snot, you're simply doing it wrong.



The Speedvagen cross team is coming to a race near you. Follow their travels & go behind the scenes.

A 24 day, 3500 mile ride across the US to help fight colon cancer. See the Speedvagen story.

The Gentle Lovers road team is a serious team that doesn't take racing too seriously.