Defining our color palette creates a family of bikes as well as a cross section of Speedvagen culture and history. Each year Sacha selects a new color palette to be shared across the Road and Cross range. Or you can just go with Surprise Me... no hints, no regrets.


Every two years Sacha puts together a new color palette for the bikes. These colors are shared by all Speedvagen (Road & Cross) from that year. This creates a family of bikes and a cross section of Speedvagen culture and history.

The three main colors for 2015 are Molteni Orange, Vanilla Blue and our perennial favorite (the color of the original SV) Matte Army Green. Each of these colors work well with minimal graphics, but will also play nicely in a heavier graphics scheme that incorporates all of the colors.


In addition to the three frame colors, you have several graphic styles to choose from: Ghost, HollaText, Horizon and Overt. In the following pages we have included photos as well as a description of each graphic style to give you a sense of layout options. Ghost graphics are included in the frameset cost. Each of the other options carries an upcharge to cover the extra time and materials needed to lay out, mix and hand-paint the scheme.

Of course there is also the Surprise Me!* option. Should be tasteful, but that’s relative isn’t it? Sacha’s choice. No hints, no regrets! 


At the heart of Speedvagen is minimalism and bombproof-ness. From the very first of these bikes, we’ve loved the look of a great color with very few graphics, leaving the frame and the balanced, racy shape of the bike as a whole, to speak for itself.

This year, we’re unveiling a new paint scheme that we’re calling “Ghost”, named both for the ghost- like nature of the graphics and for the friend whose bike we experimented on to develop our process.

Rather than using contrasting colors for branding, our ghost graphics are three dimensional and painted in the same color as the frame, so the definition comes from the way the light hits the edges, rather than being a different color.




Texture that conveys information

Everything in our shop is an evolution. The original HollowText is/was good, but Sacha wanted to take it one step further. For years he’s been kicking around the idea of color fading in the text and extending the graphics with extra linework. As is the case with most new ideas, we had a customer that was game to try it out. We fell in love with the result and knew that this was the right next step for the HollowText scheme. Well, we’re debuting this evolution for 2015 and giving it a new name. Please help us welcome HollaText!



The raciest paint scheme by far

In the Overt paint scheme, three stripes (in this year’s colors) run down the seat mast and along the center line of the top tube. The stripes also run under the down tube, on the chain stays and down the fork blades, incorporating the Speedvagen logo and shield. This graphic scheme is the raciest by far.



The balanced approach

With Horizon we wanted something with some depth but that wasn’t graphics heavy. The Horizon scheme layers three complimentary colors, boldest to lightest, from bottom to top, which balances the scheme and keeps it racy.

NEW for 2015 we are offering a Choose Your Own Horizon option. You can find all of the details, and 11-color palette, in the Guidebook



Should be tasteful, but that's relative isn't it. 

Surprise Me is our most popular option. Sacha's choice, no hints, no regrets. Each year Sacha selects a color scheme and a technique for the Surprise me bikes, and each becomes a cultural snapshot of what is going on in the Workshop that season. Road and Cross bikes each receive their own Surprise me scheme, and in most cases, no two bikes will be exactly alike. Check out 2016