Your Urban Shred Sled

There’s a place for the commuter mule or the grocery-getter in every stable. The Urban Racer is neither of those things. It’s lightweight, nimble and the riding position is dialed to race, not cruise. Like any bike we make, we've hit every nook and cranny with a critical eye.  The integrated chain guard is functional, sexy and made of super light stainless tubing. The wheel and tire size (650b x 42) make this bike feel like you can ride it through a brick wall. And the coaster brake was deliberately chosen for its utter lack of complication, leaving you free to focus on building speed & spotting jumps.


Standard Feature: Chain Guard

Every detail on the Urban Racer has been conceived and designed to minimize clutter and maximize fun. It's our own design made here in the shop from super light stainless steel. It’s the most svelte chain guard you’ll ever see.

Standard Feature: Coaster Brake

No complications, no distractions. We put a coaster brake on the Urban Racer for it's utter simplicity and it's complete skidability. It's paired with a two speed internal SRAM hub that shifts automatically, for a return to simpler and slightly sketchier fun.


Popular Upgrade: Custom Rack

We’ve been making racks for years. For the Urban Racer, we wanted uncluttered and sturdy, so we designed this thing from the ground up. The result is very light, painted to match, and holds a bag that’s big enough for a laptop & clothing, or a few groceries.


Popular Upgrade: Lights

We’re using Supernova LED lights out of Germany. The wires are skillfully routed inside of the frame and the mounting points are discrete. This means that they’re out of the way when riding and they won’t distract from the raw lines of the bike.

Popular Upgrade: Fenders

We know fenders. Honjo fenders (made in Japan) are the lightest and most beautiful available. We cut them down for a hot-rod aesthetic and to keep the feel of the bike nice and spry. Fenders get painted to match so they’re an extension of the frame, rather than stuff that’s just bolted on.

Popular Upgrade: Custom Bar

Our one-piece integrated handlebar and stem was designed and fillet brazed in house. The handlebar is a simplified version of the Nitto that comes standard. It’s 100% steel and brass and in addition to being foxy, it completes the look of your Urban Racer and it feels effing great.